I love coming in for a new cut and color from Veronica! I will not go anywhere else for my hair needs. I've lived and learned after several horrible and unflattering cuts elsewhere.

I have given Veronica the nickname of "hair color psychic" because she always seems to know exactly what I want and exactly how to make the color happen. I've never been happier. She also knows just what to do to make my fine, thin hair voluminous and flattering. I carry her cards around with me because everyone wants to know who does my hair.

Please go see Veronica at Shear Gratitude! You definitely won't regret it! Oh, and the salon has gone through amazing renovations lately and is so beautiful. It's between my work and my house, so really great location for me, and there's always ample street parking. Good work ladies, keep it up!


Brittany C.

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